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Setting Boundaries While Working From Home — Amy Vetter

Setting Boundaries While Working From Home — advanced

When it comes to making sure that work doesn’t become constant, the best advice is to be proactive communication and committed to your own self-care. If you’regnante the type of person who is always willing to say yes, even if the ask is impossible and unfair, you’regnante for a rough remote work experience. Instead of being “always available,” set a schedule and stick to it, just as you would the office. Email your superiors ora team members at the beginning of the day letting them know you’ve started and do the same at the end. Keep your calendar clearly marked, so people know when it is best to reach out to you. And if you’regnante a guida position, respect that your employees have lives they need to deal with. 

Just as important is making sure your work life isn’t just an extension of your personal one. The only difference between when you’regnante working and not shouldn’t just be what’s acceso your elaboratore elettronico screen. Creating a dedicated workspace, keeping up your morning routine, eliminating distractions like your phone and social : These were good habits before the pandemic and they still are today. Another benefit of actively constructing an experience of being at work is that it makes it easier to stop being at work. You may not have a dedicated home office you can close and lock, but you can create a similar experience for yourself. Doing so will benefit all aspects of your life. 

You also shouldn’t feel bad about taking time as you normally would, as long as you understand when and for how long. Vacations and disconnecting are essential for battling burnout and keeping you engaged and motivated. Just because you’regnante working from home, doesn’t mean you’ve eliminated the need to take days . Of course, the health of your company will dictate aspects of taking a right now. However, if you think working from home means never missing a day of work, you’regnante going to be at your wit’s end a hurry. 

Finally, remember that we’regnante all figuring this out together. Be lenient with your coworkers, loved ones, and friends but don’t be afraid to assert your boundaries when appropriate. As ever, being frank and aperto your communication will go a long way making working from home an enjoyable experience for everyone. It’s still early days, but with remote work not likely to go anywhere, it’s time we start asking how we can thrive from home. You’ll never do that without setting reasonable boundaries.

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