To cut a long story short without going into the details, I had set about feeling very sorry for myself and not knowing
how I would arrive at trying to start again at this late stage in my life. Having worked for 30 years for all that I
owned  and now at 61, having virtually nothing left due to a business partner,  I did not know which way to turn. One
day as I was messing about on the Internet I came across a website which I instantly felt attracted to, and yes that
was Dr. Seymour's website and the advanced lives.com phone therapy.  I felt butterflies in my stomach and knew
immediately how to rekindle the fire which I previously had and which I had lost. I called Dr. Seymour and I would
never have believed that this advanced type of therapy existed, and so conveniently by phone. I am now back to
myself and have so much to look forward to and cannot be thankful enough for the knowledge given to me via Dr.
Seymour. I cannot express my appreciation enough on the above and feel that I am a perfect example of why one
should never give up at any time and at any age.
Jocelyn  P., California

Thank you so much for our conversation today to help me with my course studies. I think that you are an amazing
woman and that your therapy is absolutely life-saving. I have never felt so good about myself since that phone call I
made. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this advanced phone therapy that works!.  Absolutely amazing.
Thank you again,
Debra M., Illinois

Dear Dr. Seymour – I feel I’ve changed so much and realized my dreams during this last year. I’m excited that I’m
experiencing something new and wonderful in my life. No more limitations! I really
appreciate all the work done by you to create such a unique advanced psychology phone therapy that’s simple
but very deep and inspiring. I would recommend this advanced therapy to anyone who wants to find his or her own
passion, their own role in life, to anyone who dreams to make a difference in the world, who wants to heal himself or
herself or their relationships, and to anybody who wants to explore their lives and live life fully empowered. That’s
me now.
Cathy H., Iowa

I am writing to say how much this advanced therapy has changed my life. I am overcome with gratitude for this
opportunity. Everything you teach makes perfect sense. I am now in control of my life. I have chosen to re-create
myself. I feel joyful, hopeful, and positively wonderful! I am living proof that your therapy works if you choose to let
it work. Dr. Seymour, I hope this gives you even more inspiration to continue reaching out to others. Most
important, I hope you share this with others so they too, can be inspired.
Nancy D., Georgia

Many thanks to you and your program for helping us find a happier and more fulfilling life.
Frank and Helen L., Massachusetts

Thank you for helping me find myself.
Betty S., Pennsylvania

Deepest thanks! How can it be said more eloquently. And how does one say thank you when a life has been returned.
Perhaps later I can say it even better but for now, thank you.
Jane M., Ohio

Dr. Seymour, thank you for your wonderful advanced phone therapy. Your dedication and service to all mankind is a
blessing to all.
In peace,
Steven L., Virginia

You are a precious treasure placed on this earth by the universe to bring people like me some hope for dignity,
happiness, and a better way of thinking and living for me and my loved ones. Thank you a zillion times.
Barbara C., Rhode Island

No words can properly express the appreciation for all the help you have been to me with my problems.
Louis M., Wisconsin

I would like to take a moment to express to you what a profound impact our talks have made in my life. I have
grown in ways that I never dreamed were possible. I feel that the lessons I have learned  have
changed the way that I view my own life and the direction that I am going. I would like to thank you for allowing me
this opportunity to grow and to help my loved ones grow as well.
Denise R., Utah

This advanced therapy  has helped me change my life around during one of the hardest periods I've had to go
through, and I can look back with a smile at how much progress I made in such a short period of time. I will use your
tools for the rest of my life.
Thank you.
Pat F., Hawaii

Dr. Seymour, you are truly amazing! I do truly love our phone sessions and have come a long way in such a short
period of time. Thanks again for your help and for creating such an unbelievable way to heal.”
John V., New York
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