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Retraining Your Thought Patterns.

We constantly mentally respond to life's experiences, small and
major, and our life tomorrow is determined by how we react to
these experiences today. When we impress our subconscious mind
with vibrations that are needed to attract wonderful people and
conditions to us, this state of mind forms mental acceptance which in
turn forms thought patterns that govern our reactions to life and its
challenges, thereby creating the reality.

Keep in mind that creating new patterns in our lives is absolutely
possible because we have the power within us to do so. We are, in
effect, psycho- physical units, with our bodies ruling our minds and
our minds ruling our bodies, with both interacting upon each other as
one unit, using Dr. Seymour's teachings.

We can retrain our thought patterns by first understanding the
principle and then applying the dynamic methods herein, which are based on
Dr. Dolores Seymour's 30 years of
experience in private practice and clinical research.

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Self-Evaluation Stress Assessment Test
Grade yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best)
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your answers.)

How do my personal values relate to my home life? ____
How do my personal values relate to my social life? ____
How do my personal values relate to my work life? ____
My average daily energy level is ____
I am able to relax regularly ____
I am in control of my moods ___
My confidence level is ____
I want to make positive changes in my life now ____
My life is balanced – physically and/or emotionally ____
My private habits are positive ____
I feel rested upon awakening ____
I set goals for myself ____
I am in control of my life ____

Score your stress level :

Low stress: scored 10 – 13 of total statements
Medium stress: scored 7 – 9 of total statements
High stress: scored 1 – 6 of total statements


As one of your clients, I would like to express myself to you and your
advanced therapy, to let you know how
this truly is therapy that works, and how you helped me pull myself
together. It started several years
ago with job, friends, family, and a lady friend. It seemed the world was
totally against me. A very short
time ago, after your consultations, my attitude has gone from a hardened
punk to almost a gentleman.
Dr. Dolores, you have touched me where no one has ever touched me, in
my mind, my heart, and my soul.
I have learned from you to never quit. This program has allowed me to
smile within myself, then to smile
outwardly, honestly, as I move forward.
Michael B., New Mexico

I am writing to say how much you and your advanced  therapy has
changed my life. I am overcome with
gratitude for this opportunity. Everything you teach your clients makes
perfect sense. I am now in control of my life. I
have chosen to re-create myself. I feel joyful, hopeful, and positively
wonderful! I am living proof that your
program works if you choose to let it work. Dr. Seymour, I hope this gives
you even more inspiration to
continue reaching out to others. Most important, I hope you share this
with others so they too, can be
Nancy D., Georgia                               

more on the client's testimonials page...

         A final word from Dr. Dolores Seymour

“All psychological situations… from the slightest stress to the deepest
psychosis, are merely symptoms of the frustration of a
fundamental need for a sense of our personal image. Our image is the
basic element in the health of any human personality -
physical and/or emotional. Again, the image we have of ourselves exists
mostly because of our past experiences. However,
those experiences have not made you the way you are – they have made
you believe you are the way you are.

As adults, we have the power to decide and change whatever limitations
we believe about ourselves. Never allow people to
impose limitations on what you can do, overcome, or become. Take the
bumblebee for instance. Biologists have determined
that technically speaking, the bumblebee cannot fly. Fortunately, the
bumblebee doesn't believe a word of it.

You are about to embark on the greatest adventure of your life… To
make your best, even better, to reach for the stars, and to
create more meaning in your life and in the lives of your family, your
friends, and your loved ones.”


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